Eyes For India – The Blessing of Vision

Imagine you lost your sight…

Eyes for India is a humanitarian venture to help the Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital to treat cataracts plaguing the people of India and surgically restore their vision. You can help by donating to this venture and helping millions to regain their lost sight.

If you know anything about India, you might be surprised to find out that it is home to the world’s largest number of blind people. Of the 37 million people across the globe who are blind, over 15 million are from India. 75% of these are cases of avoidable blindness. However, as a country with an acute shortage of optometrists and eye donations, India is unable to free itself of this ailment.

More than 1/7th of the world’s populace lives in India. And, out of the 1.21 billion people that call India home, those with eyesight illnesses keep increasing year by year, until now. Science has made inordinate progress in surgery and disease. Thankfully, eyesight can be restored by means of a very simple surgery.

Now, you can help in this grand process. Read and watch on to learn how you can make a difference by taking part in It Is Written’s project to open the blind eyes of India. Eyes for India is a life-changing humanitarian project that is gifting the blind of India with the one thing they lack, the blessing of vision.

What should I know about the project?

With more than 60% of the entire populace of India living in villages, access to hi-tech healthcare is a mere dream. A sizeable chunk of the rural folk of the country suffer from operable cataracts. Poor economic conditions and pitiful local healthcare centres force the cataracts to be left un-operated. Most people lose sight soon after.

However, there is hope. And you can be a vital part of it. Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital—a Christian facility in North India—is changing the lives of these blind people for the better. The hospital, situated in Jalandhar in the state of Punjab has designed a humanitarian program that is restoring sight to thousands in these destitute rural communities. They are heralding the change, but not without you.

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Watch Simarjeet's Story

Once more Jesus put His hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly. – Mark 8:25

Eyes For India Feature Episode

How many people can I help?

Any amount of money is welcome. However, we have calculated the exact costs and you can help by donating:

$75 1 person Help a person experience the joy of sight
$225 3 people Assist three people to relive their lives
$375 5 people Help five people to get back to work and earn again
$600 8 people Assist eight people to spread the word of compassion
$975 13 people Help thirteen people to be agents of change and joy
$1500 20 people Assist twenty people to make a difference to the world
$2475 33 people Help shape the future of mankind in dozens of villages and spread the word of Jesus Christ

How do I know it works?

The Eyes for India initiative is extremely simple. And your involvement is crucial. Here’s how the system works:

  1. The Doctor: Dr. Jacob Prabhakar is an ophthalmologist and medical director of Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital. He heads a team of professionals who conduct screening clinics in rural communities to find candidates with eyesight problems. They also determine whether the surgical procedure of implanting an intraocular lens will help the patients regain sight.
  2. The Vehicle: A vehicle with medical staff and basic screening equipment travels all around the rural villages where these check-ups have previously been scheduled. It helps provide a sanitary environment for the check-up.
  3. The Cataract: The goal of the screening clinics is to find suitable candidates for cataract surgery, among the many hundreds that are checked.
  4. The Shift: The team of doctors then send those selected for the surgery to a local hospital equipped to perform such surgeries, or they are transported back to Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital.
  5. The Surgery: Patients are prepared for the surgical procedure by trained personnel and a team of supporting doctors. The actual cataract removal procedure lasts only two-three minutes, so Dr. Prabhakar is able to perform as many as 300 surgeries in one day. All the medical personnel are trained and the patients are well-prepared for the surgery as well.
  6. The Return: Following the surgery, patients are held back for three days in post-operative care and observed closely before returning to their home villages. Any discrepancies are recorded and rectified.
  7. The Gift: As a parting gift, each patient is presented with a hamper of healthcare and spiritual materials with instructions in their native tongue. This easy-to-understand packet is designed to improve their health and to help them understand that Christianity cares for all of mankind irrespective of their differences.
  8. The Ambassador: As is seen, the grateful patients return to their home villages rejoicing in their new and improved vision of the world. They in turn become ambassadors of goodwill, care and compassion to others in their villages.

Eyes for India is designed to bring physical and spiritual eyesight to thousands who would otherwise languish in hopelessness. You can help by making a donation to this cause. The donation shall be used by both the Eyes for India team as well as the Ruby Nelson Memorial Hospital to treat the cataract patients. The money will be used in the process that has been shown above.

We will ensure that your contributions are put to good use. We are as dedicated towards the cause as you are.

We are doing the work of Jesus by opening the eyes of the blind and opening their hearts to fill it with joy. You can be a part of this miracle too.

Thank you for offering light where there is darkness!