Eyes For India in 25,000 Spins

Once more Jesus put His hands on the man’s eyes. Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly. – Mark 8:25

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Your support will completely change the lives of people in India. Simarjeet, a 14-year-old girl from the village of Agarpura told us that she can no longer cook, clean or read. She is so excited to be able to cook again, to clean, to read, and most of all, to go to school. Your support will make it possible for another boy or girl just like her to be able to go to school. It will enable a father to see his children again and provide for his family. It will give back the blessing of sight. $75 will help one person experience the joy of sight again. $375 will give five people the ability to return to school or work. $975 will enable 13 people to see and to share in their village what they have learned about preventing cataracts. $2,475 will enable 33 people to see and to spread the life-changing message of hope. Imagine if your baby boy was blind. What impact would just $75 make on the rest of his life so he could see?

How Can You Help

In February and March 2017 #TeamIIWO will be cycling in 25,000 Spins Great Ocean Road (Australia) and Queenstown Classic (New Zealand), but we need your help!

Our goal is to raise $30,000 in each event for a total of $60,000 so that 800 people can have their sight restored. From It Is Written Oceania, Pr Gary Kent will be cycling the Queenstown Classic New Zealand and Michael Imrie will be cycling the Great Ocean Road Australia.

So how can you help?

  1. Join #TeamIIWO and cycle 300km’s along the Great Ocean Road or the Queenstown Classic in support of Eyes For India. Register to cycle here for the Great Ocean Road or here for the Queenstown Classic and be sure to select Eyes For India as your fundraising page.
  2. Support someone cycling on #TeamIIWO by donating or encouraging them on their fundraising page. See who is cycling for Eyes For India in #TeamIIWO below.
  3. Share this with your friends and family and make sure they don’t miss out on the opportunity to open the eyes of the blind and give people their lives back!

You can also learn more about Eyes For India here.

25,000 Spins Great Ocean Road - #TeamIIWO

Meet the team that have volunteered to ride the Great Ocean Road for #TeamIIWO in support of Eyes For India.

Sponsor CyclistMichael Imrie

The road I see ahead of me is long and steep… I continue to pedal… my legs are aching… but I look around and take in all the colours: I can see the leaves on the trees moving, the colourful lorikeet in the branches; the beautiful sunshine beaming on my face. I praise God for the fact I CAN SEE the road ahead, I CAN SEE the hills, trees, lorikeets and sunshine. There are others that don’t have the joy of seeing all the beauty around them or even the 1500m incline that awaits my legs.

I live not to far from the Great Ocean Road and last year I participated in 25,000 Spins, riding from Geelong to Warnambool over three days. This year I will be riding to raise money and awareness for It is Written Oceania’s Eyes for India (Feel free to join #TeamIIWO).

15 million people in India are affected by sight impairing conditions and for many, their sight can be restored by one simple surgery. This is why I have decided to put my body and vision to good use and raise money and awareness. Eyes for India provides patients the vital surgery needed to see again physically, and then gives the gift of spiritual vision through free spiritual material in their own language.

For me, training has begun and, despite the odd aches and pains, I’ve got two eyes set on the goal; I can see the road ahead and the many people who will have their vision, both physically and spiritually, restored.

Please close your eyes for a second and imagine not seeing the important people and things in your life. These surgeries take minutes and only cost $75.00 per person. I would love your support as together we ride for those who cannot see.

Interesting facts:

  1. My 5 year old daughter calls me ” doctor daddy”
  2. I help be the medic at sons Footy club
  3. 41 year old nursing student

Sponsor CyclistTrevor Gale

Interesting facts:

  1. Have a large family of 5 kids
  2. I like hill’s even though they can be painful
  3. 2nd time doing 25000 spins

Sponsor CyclistTony Kelly

Interesting facts:

  1. I have two wonderful kids
  2. I have been married for 24 years
  3. I don’t liking riding up hills

Sponsor CyclistDarcy Holman

Interesting facts:

  1. I love table tennis
  2. I’m single…
  3. I run cross country

25,000 Spins Queenstown Classic - #TeamIIWO

Meet the team that have volunteered to ride the Queenstown Classic for #TeamIIWO in support of Eyes For India.

Sponsor CyclistGary Kent

Interesting facts:

  1. I enjoy travelling and I have been to seven continents and there are few places more beautiful than Queenstown, really looking forward to the ride.
  2. I enjoy scuba diving.
  3. Having grown up in Africa, I love wild animals and enjoy wildlife safaris.

Pr Gary Kent at ANZAC Memorial

Thank you for giving back her sight.

Thanks to your generous support you have changed her life and the lives of thousands of other people in India who suffered from operable cataracts.

No words can truly express their gratitude or ours.